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CEHBED Orphanage (Togo)

Our relationship with Celestin and Mawuli Mawussi began in 2003 when we learned they were caring for 77 children with very little outside help.  We have partnered with them to provide food, education, and medical care, while the Mawussis do the hard work of daily care.

4H.I.M. donors have financed two small enterprise businesses, a general store and a corn mill, to provide income for the orphanage.  Celestine has worked to build relationships with a few indigenous churches, a French Foundation, and a church in the UK. They all help here and there, but Celestine tells us that 4H.I.M. is the only one he can count on. As we wind down our work with the Katanga and Kalaveria projects, we will focus on helping the orphanage become self-sustaining in the near future.

To donate towards this project, click here and find "CEHBED Orphanage Togo."

For more information, contact Steve Hollingsworth, 4H.I.M. President/CEO, at okc4him@yahoo.com.