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Christian Children Foundation of Liberia

Margret and Quatama Jackson immigrated to Oklahoma from Liberia in 2006 and became US citizens in 2012. Margret is a registered nurse.

In 2007, Margret and Quatama started sending 10% of their income to Liberia in order to finance a ministry led by a local pastor and Margret’s two sisters that feeds the children of the community a hot meal every Saturday. Her sisters cook and the pastor and church members teach and build relationships with the children. They currently feed 350 children every Saturday.

Even though CCFL is a registered NGO in Liberia, they do not have their 501(c)3 status in the US, so their "donations" have never been tax deductible.  CCFL will be partnering with 4H.I.M. and operating under the 4H.I.M. umbrella.

To donate towards this project, click here and find "CCFL-Liberia."

For more information, contact Margret Jackson Margretliberia@netzero.com.